Most Likely To Succeed

Most Likely To Succeed

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Most Likely To Succeed is a thought-provoking documentary feature film that reveals the growing shortcomings of conventional education methods in today's innovative world. The film explores compelling new approaches that aim to revolutionize education as we know it, inspiring school communities to reimagine what students and teachers are capable of doing. To date, MLTS has screened for thousands of audiences around the world, igniting conversations and empowering change along the way. Share the film with your community to activate change now.

From Director Greg Whiteley (Last Chance U, Mitt,) and Executive Producer Ted Dintersmith (author, Most Likely to Succeed).

Upcoming Screenings

Host a Screening

We are excited to be partnering with Tugg to bring “Most Likely To Succeed” to your city! There are two ways you can host a screening — at your own school or community venue, or at a local theater.

Bring “Most Likely To Succeed” to the venue of your choice – be it a school, university, church, or community center. You provide the venue, projector and audience, and we’ll provide you with the film and digital marketing tools to make your screening a success. We’ll even set up an event page for you to manage tickets and RSVPs!

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“Most Likely To Succeed” is available to own on DVD and digital streaming for the educational market, which includes a public screening license.

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Pick a date and theater, and enlist your audience to meet the online RSVP deadline. If enough people pre-purchase tickets to the screening, the screening happens.

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What are the screening/viewing options?

  • Host a single night screening event. This rental option allows you to host a single, public (PPR) screening of the film to an audience of your choice. Your screening fee will be determined by whether or not you are charging for tickets. If you are screening for an audience of larger than 250, please fill out our Request a Quote form to receive a price quote for your screening. Because you are renting the film, you will generally receive a return shipping label to return the DVD or Blu-ray after your screening.
  • If you are an educational institution, you can also purchase the film for your school or organization and host a screening at any time, as often as you like. With this option, educational institutions can purchase both the film along with the PPR (Public Performance Rights) for the film. This means you can keep the DVD add it to your collection, and show it publicly in the future. Streaming license purchases are for 1-year, 3-year or life of file purchase for classroom use only (no PPR).

  • All screening options and more information can be found on the Tugg website. If you have any questions about which license is right for you, please complete the Request a Quote form and a member of the Tugg team will get back to you shortly.

    What are the steps to hosting a screening?

  • Once you've chosen a date and venue for your event, purchase a screening license from Tugg.
  • After you’ve completed the order, a member of Tugg’s team will confirm your license and send you our digital screening toolkit, which you will use to plan, promote, and post your event online. You will receive a DVD one week prior to your screening.
  • After your screening, we will ask you to give us feedback on your event and return the DVD.
  • Tugg’s FAQs provides further details on the steps to book a community screening.
  • How much does it cost to host a screening?

    The screening licensing fee for a single community screening is $350 plus shipping. Organizations screening the film are responsible for any costs associated with the local screening venue.

    How can I defray the cost of hosting a screening?

    Feel free to charge admission and/or accept donations at your event. We suggest organizations use the screening as a fundraiser to help launch innovation in their local schools.

    What if I want to host more than one screening?

    If you would like to host multiple screenings, you will need to pay a licensing fee for each screening, unless you are an educational organization.

    Can I host a screening outside of the U.S.?

    Yes! To book a screening outside of the U.S., purchase a license from Tugg.

    Can I stream the movie?

    Yes! You can purchase an educational streaming license for your school or organization through Tugg.

    What is Tugg?

    Tugg is our partner for sharing Most Likely To Succeed with audiences everywhere. Tugg is a platform that helps audiences bring their favorite content to theaters across the country and creates community-driven events turning social interest into action. To learn more about Tugg and Tugg EDU, visit the FAQs on their website.

    Is the film appropriate for all audiences?

    Yes, although we want to warn you that the film does contain one minor profanity word (i.e., b.s.). With 30 days notice, we can provide an alternative, version that doesn't use the phrase including the word “b.s." if necessary. Please reach out directly to request this option or if you have any questions.

    How long is the film?

    The run time is 89 minutes, so please take that into account as you plan your screening.

    Is the MLTS film ever screened at a regular movie theater?

    Yes! You can host your very own screening at a local movie theater using Tugg’s Cinema on Demand model. Simply pick a date and theater, and enlist your audience to meet the online RSVP deadline. If enough people pre-purchase tickets to the screening, the screening happens. Learn more here.

    I have more questions about my Tugg screening.

    Check out Tugg Edu’s full FAQ here!