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Most Likely To Succeed is the best film ever done on the topic of school — both its past and its future. The film inspires its audiences with a sense of purpose and possibility, and is bringing school communities together in re-imagining what our students and teachers are capable of doing. Run, don’t walk, to bring this film to your school. After seeing this film, you’ll never look at school the same way again.

Upcoming Screenings

05/30/17 Pelham, NH Pelham High School, 85 Marsh Rd at 6:00 PM
05/30/17 Menomonie, WI Menomonie Public Library , 600 Wolske Bay Rd at 7:00 PM
05/31/17 Norwalk, CT Norwalk High School, Public Forum Room, 55 County Street at 6:00 PM
05/31/17 Selah, WA Selah Middle School - VPAC , 411 N. 1st Street at 6:30 PM
05/31/17 Selah, WA Selah Middle School - VPAC , 411 N. 1st Street at 6:30 PM
06/01/17 Washington, DC Miracle Theatre, 535 8th St SE at 7:00 PM
06/08/17 Chico, CA Pageant Theater, 351 E. 6th St. at 12:00 AM
06/08/17 New York, NY Bayard Rustin Campus Library, 351 West 18th Street at 9:00 AM
06/08/17 Brooklyn, NY The Brooklyn International High School , 49 Flatbush Avenue Extension at 3:00 PM
06/10/17 Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay Grupo Cine, Ejido 1377 at 10:00 AM
06/13/17 Canfield, OH Courtyard Marriott Hotel Canfield, 4173 Westford Place at 5:45 PM
06/14/17 Waterloo, IN DeKalb High School , 3424 Co Rd 427 at 10:30 AM
06/15/17 Wisner, NE Wisner-Pilger School Auditorium, 801 18th Street at 6:00 PM
06/15/17 Newtown Square, PA Open Connections, 1616 Delchester Rd. at 7:00 PM
06/20/17 Williamsburg, VA School of Education, 301 Monticello Ave at 5:30 PM
06/21/17 American Canyon, CA American Canyon High School , 3000 Newell Dr. at 4:00 PM
06/22/17 Branford, CT CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School, 28 School Street at 6:30 PM
08/04/17 Honolulu, HI Moore Hall 258, Center for Language & Technology, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Moore Hall 258, 1890 East-West Rd at 4:30 PM
08/10/17 Harrisburg, SD Harrisburg Theater, 200 Willow Street at 7:00 PM
09/07/17 Bridgeville, PA Chartiers Valley Middle School , 50 Thoms Run Road at 7:00 PM
09/26/17 Euclid, OH Euclid High School , 797 E 222nd Street at 6:00 PM
09/28/17 Carlsbad, CA Calavera Hills Middle School, 4104 Tamarack Ave at 6:00 PM

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