Most Likely To Succeed

Moving Forward

People watching Most Likely To Succeed are inspired — but want to know, "What can I do next?" and “What other resources should I explore?”

The film immerses you in the lives of students and teachers at one school, then tells you not to copy them. Instead, we encourage you to create your own learning environment, leveraging the passions, expertise, and aspirations of your community.

So, how can you move forward? For starters, we offer a set of MLTS Learning Sparks -- short videos, discussion questions, and a process to help you move your school forward in a way you create and believe in.

Our hope in providing you with these Learning Sparks is that you’ll be inspired to generate hacks, or small experiments you can try out quickly, to improve your learning environment. Our friends at School Retool know all about innovation and we’ve seen great hacks come from their Big Ideas and our Learning Sparks. We invite you to try it today.