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Few of us claim to be experts about replacing a car engine or a hip. But, because we’ve all been students, we tend to believe we’re education experts. And this self-confidence can be misleading. Take a minute to answer this quick survey question:

I can distinguish between a good and bad classroom, assignment, and test.

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of users can distinguish between a good and bad classroom, assignment, and test. cannot.

Most adults value school experiences that mirror their own time in school. Show them an engaged teacher covering traditional content, and they’ll invariably conclude they’re observing a good class. If a homework assignment or test is difficult, they assume the child is learning something important. And, in most cases, they’re wrong.

A quick way to come up to speed on our century-old school model and why it needs to change? Watch these three videos:

These talks, which take a grand total of 45 minutes to watch, lay out the case. The school model dates back to 1893, even though our surrounding world is profoundly different. Schools were designed to kill creativity (a trait at odds with assembly line work) -- and still do. As automation races ahead, the very skills young adults need to thrive are being crushed out of them.

You can find other great online videos here, but we're mindful of your time. Start with the three above, and you're off and running.

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Among the many books written on education, there are a few you’ll want to devour. Get your school to order all of these for its library, and put them on a shelf labeled “The Future of Our Schools, Children, and Country”.